The Benefits of Precise Utility Locating

utility locating

An all too common occurrence: as a contractor, you’ve got everything ready. All of the tools, all of the plans, all of the employees – it’s all about to begin, on time and within budget. The first few days go great, everything’s going according to plan, then suddenly: you hit a buried utility line. You thought you’d done your due diligence, you can’t believe that it was there. But, sure enough, your team has hit it. Now, you have to deal with everything that comes after that: the delays, the costs, and so much more. We can keep that from happening. With our utility locating, hitting a buried utility line or something similar is a thing of the past. 

Powered by GPR 

Utilizing the same Ground Penetrating Radar we use in our concrete scanning, we’re able to locate any and all utilities in the area. The key is that we use a different frequency antenna. That makes it possible for us to penetrate certain soils up to 30’ deep. This is the absolute top of the line GPR, the most cutting edge version. We keep this up to date as well, so that we’re always providing our clients with the best GPR possible. What makes GPR so effective is that it can find basically anything that you might have to worry about. With a powerful electromagnet pulse, it can let you know exactly what the underground looks like. Of course, our GPR is always non-destructive too. That way, you can get a clear picture of the underground without any potential downsides. 

utility locating

Know Where All of the Buried Utilities and More 

Through our GPR, you’ll be able to see all of the buried utility lines that are 30’ deep beneath the surface. You’ll notice that we didn’t say “some of the buried utility lines” or “many of the buried utility lines.” No, we said that you’ll be able to see all of the buried utility lines. That way, you won’t have to worry about hitting one in the course of your project. Of course, there’s plenty more below the ground too that we can find for you: internet cables, drainage pipes, sewer lines, water pipes, and electrical lines – we can give you the clearest picture of what’s down there. That way, you can plan for your project accordingly. 

Experienced Scanning Professionals 

We’ve been doing this for a long time. Now, we can bring that experience to your project. So, once we’ve finished our precision scan, we can elaborate upon it in an itemized report. This report will tell you everything about our scan, leaving nothing out and in exhaustive detail. In the details of this report, you’ll be able to clearly see where anything potentially hidden under the ground is. To make sure that you lose no time whatsoever, we make sure that we lay everything out clearly for you both with wood stakes as well as in an overview map. The more knowledge you have, the better and faster you’ll be able to complete your project. For more, call us at (323) 321-7219.

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