Concrete Scanning for the Safety and Success of Your Project

concrete scanning

The last thing any contractor wants to deal with is costly repairs. A contractor usually has a set budget and a time limit – anything that can threaten those has to be either eliminated. That’s where our concrete scanning comes in. Utilizing the most cutting-edge, up to date scanning technology possible, we can give you a clearer picture than ever before. With that, you’ll be able to avoid all of those obstacles which can threaten to slow down or stop the progress of your project. 

Why Scan? 

In one word, safety. The entire project will be safer and more secure after a concrete scan. Utilizing this scan can significantly reduce the risk of personal injury. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of damage to utilities, pipes, and more. Without a scan, it’s far easier to harm or even ruin the concrete’s structural integrity. Coring, cutting, drilling, and more shouldn’t be complex. With this type of scanning, that entire process can be simpler. 

Concrete Scanning by the Numbers 

With a depth of 24’’ slabs, our scanning can extend quite far into the ground. As our scanning goes that far down, it can give you a crystal clear examination of where you’re digging. Instead of scanning that goes only a bit into the ground, we aim to give you as much depth as possible. In addition to that, our scanning also includes tolerance of ¼’’. We believe that our clients deserve as much information as possible from as wide a range as can be. 

concrete scanning

The Right Ground Penetrating Radar 

The GPR that we use is entirely non-destructive. That means that we can give you these readings without causing any potential harm whatsoever to the ground itself. This way, you’ll be able to get the clearest possible picture without any potential for harm whatsoever. The GPR makes it possible to locate essentially anything hidden that could pose a problem. Post-tension cables, pre-tension cables, mesh conduits, non-metallic utilities, rebar, voids and more – if there’s something below that could pose a threat, this GPR can find it. 

Scanning to Be Done Quickly 

As small business owners ourselves, we understand how important deadlines can be. We know that you don’t really have time to wait around for a concrete scan. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure that we get there to help with 24 hours of your initial call. That way, you can get a complete scan faster. 

Precise Scanning, Explained 

Once we’ve completed a scan, we don’t just give you our findings and head out on our way, leaving you to figure it out on your own. You can be provided an itemized report of our findings so that you’ll know absolutely everything that you can about the area you want to get scanned. This detailed report and map will tell you exactly where any hidden cables are as well as so much more. To start the process or get more info, you can call us at (323) 321-7219

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